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Today am going to talk about piment doux serum, the serum is good I have used it and I still will recommend it to people, in this content I will tell you more about this serum.

Note that you can mix the serum with any lotion as far as you want to lighten your skin, but if you are using a lightening lotion you will only add a little bit of it depending on the ml although I will talk about it.

Fake And Original Piment Doux Serum

If you want to know the difference between fake and original piment doux serum, below the pack of the serum you will see a batch number, and if you open the pack the oil itself is been sealed and piment doux is calf in the bottle.

It can give you 45 shades lighter if you want to get lightened skin, and in the serum, you do not have to apply it directly on your skin, I won’t advise anyone to apply it directly to their skin except if you want to get sunburn on your skin.

How To Measure The Quantity You Wil Mix With Lotion

When you want to use the serum on the 500ml lotion you will use all of the lotion, or if your trying to make it a gradual process you will only put half bottle of the serum.

Have you wondered you bought a lotion and the lotion is effective on your skin, but all of a sudden it stops working, you might be thinking that you bought fake products and you did not buy a fake product, all you need to do is mix the serum to the lotion.

If you apply the piment doux serum to your skin directly it causes white patches you can only mix it in your cream.

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