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Hello, welcome back to my website, today I will share 10 daily healthy habits for you. These are tips that will help you level up your life through small daily actions over time, you are what you repeatedly do.

Take some time to reflect on your daily habits, all your habits helping you grow towards the person you wanna become, or are they pushing you further away from that ideal.

10 Daily Healthy Habits For You

1 Start Your Day With Intention And a Guiding Question

Your intention is your compass, reminding you what you wanna focus on, based on your intention, you can create a daily guiding question that you can ask yourself at the beginning of each day. For example, my intention this year is to nourish myself, to not overwork or allow myself to get burnt out. To encourage myself to focus on that intention, every morning, I ask myself this daily guiding question how do I want to be nourished today the answer may vary depending on what I feel like I need that day. Some days I feel like I need to do yoga or journal out my thoughts, other days I might feel like taking the day off and taking the pressure off, it is nice because asking that question every morning allows me to focus on my intention and design my day around it.

2 Level Up Your Hydration

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water which should be your priority if you don’t have the habit of drinking enough water.

My tip on top of that is to level up your hydration by finding ways to add benefits to your water in a way that you enjoy it, there are so many creative and healthy ways to do this, but the keyword here is what you enjoy for starters, I love having hot water, it easier on your digestive system than cold water.

You can also try adding lemon to your water for a vitamin c boost, maybe try adding some honey and ginger with you got water.

3 Move Your Body In A Way That Is Fun To You

I have learned that to stick with an exercise routine it has to be fun and frictionless I can’t be motivated to go for a run, but I do love to do yoga and to dance.

4 Calm Your Mind And Find Your Center

This is also one of the daily healthy habit for you, there are many distractions and stimulants throughout our day that is important to have a daily habit of quieting your mind and connecting with yourself, whether it taking a walk outside, sitting down to meditate or making time to stretch in the evening, find and enjoyable way to detach mentally from your everyday thoughts and stresses instead if being constantly plugged in, you have to take time to unplug and reset mentally, when you do this consistently, we develop a clearer mind and better mental wellbeing overall.

5 Find Consistent Healthy Meals

Finding a consistent healthy meals that you can genuinely love on the road to a better you change yourself from the inside out by being more intentional about the food you eat.

Most of us know that it is healthiest to eat whole foods that are closest to their natural form that you would find in nature, versus eating processed foods like fast food or snacks but it’s not always easy to commit to a healthy diet.

One trick I found to make eating healthy a daily habit is to search for healthy meals that you love that you can eat often without getting sick of it.

6 Take 5 Minutes For Gratitude

Take five minutes every day to write down your thoughts of gratitude, anyone can take five minutes out of their day to do something.

Gratitude journaling is such a simple yet powerful practice because having gratitude in your life shoes how you feel about everything else, you will feel happier, luckier, and more abundant when you focus on your gratitude.

Energy goes where attention flows brings energy to the positives in your life versus the negatives.

7 Prioritize Your Most Important Task For The Day

If you want to be productive, focus on being more effective versus being efficient, being effective means you are working on the most important it impactful thing that you could be working on.

Being efficient simply means that you are doing something faster or with less energy, being efficient doesn’t matter if you are working on the wrong thing. Instead of trying to get more done in your day, focus on completing the most important task for your day, every day ask yourself if I completed only one task today, which task would make me feel the most proud or satisfied? It will likely be the hard thing, the thing that you want to avoid and procrastinate on because you have some resistance and fear around tackling it, that fear is a good sign that this is a thing that you should do because it will challenge you and empower you to grow the most.

8 Take 10. Minutes Everyday To Do A Daily Reset

This is a habit that I want to work on because I found that I often neglect cleaning, and then over time, it just becomes too overwhelming to tackle and so I procrastinate on it even more. Instead of letting things get out of hand try taking 10 minutes a day to reset an area that needs it.

This could mean organizing your desk, putting away cloths, cleaning in general, or even organizing your file on your desktop if things got a little too crazy, 10 minutes is a doable time for everyone. Set a time in your day and make it a routine before or after you work, building this daily habit will help cultivate a more ideal space and a better environment for yourself.

9 Do Something Everyday That Brings You Joy

Life should not feel like a never-ending to-do list, nor should you feel like a robot where you are just focused on getting things done nonstop, life should be fun if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed remember to come back to what bring you joy.

How can you find joy in your day, how can you do more of what makes you happy it really can be in the smallest things, and if you feel guilty at the thought of following your joy.

10 Reflect At The End Of The Day

If you don’t want to live a life where every day feels the same and it all becomes a blur in your mind, take time to reflect and cherish each day for how it went whether you do it in a journal or digitally reflect on your wins, how you feel or hot down any highlights from your day that you want to remember.

Conclusion On 10 Daily Healthy Habits For You

Today I shared 10 daily healthy habit ideas with you but I also want to remind you that you don’t have to apply them all at once. Pick the one that resonated with you most and start testing out that one habit.

Habits are built over time with consistency, commitment, and patience, it is hard to change 10 habits at once, but it is easy to start with one, sending you so much love and high vibes for your year, I hope you become more of who you want to be this year through small changes made day by day.

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