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God had blessed each one of us with beauty, it is busy that over time, some of us forget it and lose their natural glow just like your bodies stay in good health with regular exercise, your face also retains its charm, with some attention.

There is one wonderful kriya that we follow at the yoga institute, it is called Kapala Randhra Dhouti, Kapala Randhra Dhouti is a kriya the deep-rooted impurities of body and mind, let me explain these Sanskrit word.

Kapala is the forehead and entire face randhra means holes or passages and dhouti is cleansing shining.

This is an extraordinary kriya in which the face and the head are internally cleansed through an external practice, so let she look how to practice this kriya.

Ensure that your hands and face are clean before you do this kriya, stand it sit comfortably with your back exactly raise both arms and keep your elbow parallel to the floor, and keep your thumbs above the ends of the eyebrows using all the other fingers rub your forehead from right to left.

Apply comfortable pressure while doing this, now take your index and middle fingers and place them at the bridge of your nose near the inner eyes as a starting point, and move them down under the eyes outward toward the temples, run your index finger from the front of the ears to the back a couple of times.

Massage your neck with upward strokes using all your fingers while looming upwards, but a word of caution if you have pimples or dry skin, or any other problems avoid rubbing the skin and simply go over the facial area by pressing and releasing.

In case of very dry skin, you may apply a moisturizer on your face or apply any facial oil before the practice, earlier I told you that this external practice keeps cleansing your internal self, let us investigate how this happens, our fingers are believed to have concentrated energy of all the 5 elements of the nature called as pancbamahahuta.

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