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Today we are going to talk about the biggest skincare mistakes that make your acne worse, that are either causing more acne or damaging your skin in general.

Before I talk about specific skin care habits and skin care mistakes that you might be making right now, I think the most fundamentally akin damaging mindset is not trusting your skin. Therefore you think that you need this sort of miracle fixed by topical skincare solution so you go out it like attacking and then being aggressive to the skin, thinking that you need to do this to fix some sort of skin issues.

10 Skincare Mistakes That Make Your Acne Worse

1 Aggressive Cleansing Habits

Cleansing oppressively and aggressively includes washing your skin, cleansing your skin so many times a day, and opting for a stronger more alkaline cleanser to get rid of everything on top of the skin some people tend to cleanse for 10-15 minutes thinking that is purifying their skin and of course, it is purifying your skin but at the same time it is taking away all the essential components to naturally moisturize your skin.

You are disrupting and damaging the skin barrier, the cleansing agents inside the cleanser don’t know how to detect or identify the difference between what to take away so the dirts and grind and sweat and what to leave therefore it takes away literally everything.

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2 Physically Abusing The Skin

Physically abusing the skin with overuse. Of cotton pads, overuse of cleansing wipes and makeup wipes, and also just rubbing the towel all over your skin aggressively. If you have to use cotton pads instead of choosing the ones that come with it emboss or exfoliate texture, chose the one that has no texture at all, that is silky smooth. And when you are using the gotten pad make sure it is completely drenched or drenched enough so that the dry surface does not tear it or scratch your skin and when your are shipping it on your skin please be as gentle as possible do not put any pressure on your fingers on your hand.

3 Leaving Cleansing Water On The skin

Leaving cleansing water on the skin or not washing off your cleansing water after you use it, it is true that cleansing water they typically use a milder detergent or cleansing agents than in typical conventional foam cleansers, but it still does dissolve the natural moisturizing factors and natural lipids.

4 Treat All The Areas On The Skin Equally

Am not here to say that you need an eye cream or you need a dedicated product for your neck or your forehead or your cheek separately, I just want you to understand the difference the physiological difference between different areas on your skin.

A lot of people have oilier t-zone and it’s a little, it’s a little bit more resilient here, the cheek area is where a lot of people get the most sunspots and hyperpigmentation

5 Using A Full Range Of Active Ingredients

Using a full range of active ingredients or an acne range, I know a lot of people just follow the acne regime, and they believe that they need to use every single product in their skincare routine that is geared toward acne-prone skin a facial wash for acne prone skin and acne skincare toner.

6 Not Moisturizing Oily Skin

I know it is easy to fall under the trap if you think that you need to dry up your skin to balance your skin out, and you know that it is very far from the truth.

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7 Using Too much Acne Medication

Using too much acne treatment, acne medication, and acne skin care products every single day, it is undeniable that salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can work and it will deliver results overnight now I like to give my skin a little bit more time to function and to repair and recover on it own instead of just relying on acne medication to zap away the zit.

8 Using Too Many Products Than Your Skin Needs

Using more products than what your skin needs and the key point here are identifying what your skin craves and when your skin needs, am not here to preach about a certain minimalistic approach to a skincare routine as long as you know each product and the skincare routine that you selected for to serve a purpose or serve a specific function based on your skin craving.

9 Using Anti-Aging Skincare Too Early

Using anti-aging skincare products too young, anti-aging active ingredients such as retinol and vitamin C, and do deliver results by pushing your skin cells to do a certain thing so, in a way, they are like a personal trainer to your skin cells so your skin does go through some stress and this process could be good for someone who has an aging skin or someone who has a mature skin causing unnecessary stress to the skin can lead to premature aging or more information so be aware of it and especially if you are still in your teens and your 20s the best thing that you can do to your skin to preserve your bounce the youth and just the glow.

10 Switching Pillowcase To Silk

Switching your cotton pillowcase to a silk pillowcase is the best investment that I made for my overall well-being but I do get fewer breakouts from my pillowcases, you know that kind of tiny pimples that you randomly wake up to so pillowcases are way more hygienic and also it regulates your temp better so it doesn’t be at your skin up, and heat is something that accel the aging

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