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Hey friends welcome back to my website, let’s get straight into today’s video which is going to be my top 3 tips and tricks that can change your wholes skincare routine and change your skin basically.

So I want to share some tips that I have learned over the years and what has helped my skincare game go from here to there, so I will just share that with you I want to be able to help you so in case you are among those making these types of mistakes you can stop right now and elevate your skin.

3 Tips That Improved My Skin

1. Sunscreen

This subject makes a lot of sense, especially because right now it’s summer the sun is blazing hot it’s out in the open it is very visible, so let’s talk about sunscreen and why no matter your skin tone you need to be wearing it sunscreen now the first things is there is a lot of misconception when it comes to sunscreen about if it you should use it for you darker skin how much you should use when you should use it how often you should use it.

First things first everyone should be applying sunscreen I know a lot of people that are my skin tone darker anymore that is just basic black basically or has more melon into their skin.

Everyone needs sunscreen no matter their skin tone skin cancer is real and black people can get skin cancer, and Asian people can get skin cancer while white people of course can get skin cancer so this is not something to be playing with you need to be protecting your skin that is why sunscreen is also important is because people that have hyperpigmentation especially found in people that are darker.

Sunscreen can help combat that issue so what happens is a lot of people will be using chemicals will be using certain creams.

2. Stop Washing Your Face In The Shower

Stop washing your face in the shower it’s just no stop it right now stop doing that okay, the temperature of the shower or the bath whatever you are doing whatever you are when buffing your skin the temperature is normally not hot.

There is no reason why you should be using blazing hot water to wash your face it’s just a big no, come out of the bar first turn up the tap you know either before or after you brush your teeth using a bit of lukewarm water splash it with a bit of cold water and you are good to go.

3. Over Exfoliation

A lot of people are over-exfoliating without even knowing, so first things first are if you are using spin brushes stop that as I have already said, please stop using your hands you don’t need it over-exfoliate.

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