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Your good health is reflected by the condition of your skin a naturally glowing face immediately indicates good health. But sometimes when you try to improve your skin conditions you may be making some mistakes which are.

1. Rubbing Products Into The Skin With Too Much Pressure

You see, applying pressure to rub skincare products into your skin can cause unnecessary pressure and stretch to your skin, this breaks down the collagen of your skin and can cause wrinkles and sagging out of the skin, instead of rubbing hard gently pat or tap the product into your skin.

This method allows the cream or serum to be absorbed into your skin more deeply without causing any friction to the surface, this will take a little more time than the rubbing method but it will protect your skin better.

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2. Not Changing Your Pillowcase Frequently

If pillowcases are not changed regularly, they accumulate layers of dead skin cells, sweat, oil, and dust on the surface. Such dirty pillowcases can harbor bacteria which can lead to skin allergies or infections.

Therefore it is essential to change your pillowcases at least 2-3 times a week to protect your facial skin and hair, washing pillowcases in hot water will efficiently disinfect them.

3. Not Using Separate Towels

Sharing towels with others or using the same towel for the face and body can lead to a transfer of microbes and can spread skin infection.

One good thing that the pandemic has taught us about personal hygiene is that we should not share towels with others for better facial skin, you should use different personal towel for face and body.

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It is always best to wash your towel every day or at least every alternate day preferably in hot water.

4. Exfoliating Too Much Or Not At All

Exfoliation is the cleaning of dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin, too much exfoliation can irritate your skin and it may become dry and patchy.

On the other hand, too less exfoliation can cause your skin to look dull and you may have a clogged pore, it is sensible to exfoliate according to need of your skin, so for sensitive skin, exfoliate mildly only once a week.

If you have oily skin you may exfoliate every 2nd day and for normal skin exfoliate twice a week.

5. Not Checking The Ingredients Of Skincare Products

Usually, there are labels on products that provide information about the chemical composition of the product, not ready g this information carefully can sometimes lead to unfortunate side effects.

It is your responsibility as a user to check if the product contains any harmful things such as carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, allergens, or irritants that are not suitable for your skin.

Always protect yourself and the family by using products that are safe.

6. Constantly Touching Your Face

Do you know what happens if you touch your face too much, any impurities or germs can pass through your facial skin any oil from one part of your face may also spread to the other.

So constantly touching your face can lead to infection and acne, and robbing or pulling facial skin can also cause to lose of elasticity and premature wrinkles.

The best strategy is to mindfully create the habit of not touching your face at all and try to distract your hand by keeping them busy throughout the day.

7. Not Washing Your Face Properly

If you do not clean your face it will not only look dull and dry but it will also cause clogged pores and skin infections, it is essential to wash your face at least twice a day, even washing splashing normal water can maintain the freshness of the skin.

If you have oily skin you may need to use soap or an herbal pack to clean it thoroughly understand your skin is the large organ of your body that also protects and defends the rest of the body, therefore, it is your personal duty to keep it clean and free from infections, so you use a mild, natural skincare routine and cultivate good hygienic practices to keep your skin always fresh and glowing.

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