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Today I will review and talk about some corrections that can be made and as well talk about some mistakes you might be making about carebeau scrub.

You can get creabeau scrub in any cosmetic store or even supermarket but there are some mistakes people are making about this scrub, carebeau scrub is a salt scrub it contains ascorbic acid and citric acid in it.

Mistakes You Do While Using Cearbeau Scrub

If you are applying the scrub on your face directly note that it is not good for the face, you might guess that your next-door neighbor might be using it but when you use it your skin might not be good for it.

If you have dull skin, like most dark and chocolate skin finds it difficult to get a product that is going to help them and make your skin glow very well. If you fall into a category of people that has a very dull skin.

If you have malic acid you can use it to mix with the carebeau scrub, if you are suffering from body acne this, as well as cams, still work because malic acid is very soft on the skin. You can use half a teaspoon and measure out the malic acid and mix it with your scrub

It will help your skin if you have acne, dark spots, and dull skin it mostly helps dull skin, here is another way to use the scrub so it can smooth your dull skin. Note that if you are mixing the malic acid and carebeau scrub you will close it and leave it for 24 hours before you start using it.

If you have a dark spot and you want to use the carebeau scrub and you know you are going to use a soap alongside with it also notes that the scrub forms when you are using it, some people use both soap and the scrub together the day you want to use it and you have a dark spot on your body make sure you use your soap first before using the scrub when you are done using the scrub just rinse your body with water don’t use soap that moment again.

If you have dark spots on your body on days you want to use the scrub use a soap first before using the scrub and if you have dull skin wet your body first before using it

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