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Drinking one glass of lemon water every day in the morning will be beneficial for a lifetime, let us go through some interesting facts and benefits about lemon water.

1. Green Tea With Lemon Juice

Green tea with lemon juice would be extremely beneficial for a healthy heart, very few people know that lemons are rich even in potassium. Potassium is also helpful in maintaining blood pressure, also potassium is an important mineral for nervous stimulation one lemon contains approximately 80 milligrams of potassium.

It is excellent for the self-functioning of the body and specifies great relief in muscle cramps immediately.

2. It is Excellent For Weight Loss

Lemon has a component called pectin which gives you a sense of fullness when you drink lemon water your ginger is satisfied and this indices weight loss. When you add chia seed soaked overnight to lemon water in the morning it would keep you satisfied for a little long which in turn will stop you from eating heavy meals throughout the day and that would help you reduce weight loss.

3. It Makes Your Skin Younger

Lemon increases collagen in the body which means your skin will have fewer wrinkles and more glow in turn, vitamin C gifts with toxins and this prevents acne, to the healthy pink skin.

Let us make pink juice with lemon in one cup of water simply add half a cup of beetroot, carrot and tomato, 4 slices of a cucumber, and half lemon juice, and all this you blend it, this should be a wonderful juice, try to include this juice in your routine and you will see the result of acne free and glowing skin.

4. It Boosts Immunity

A very common ingredient vitamin C is found in lemon in great quantity, vitamin C produces more white blood cells and produce anti body, which can kill bacteria of viral infection, thus it is a great immunity booster to enhance the benefits of lemon water, have it as a lemon ginger shot.

Add ginger pieces and lemon juice in the blender with little water and then add a pinch of turmeric powder, blend it once again, and since it, is to a fine mesh, here your shot is ready you can add natural sweeter like honey, if you want to taste to better, one shot in the meaning is more than sufficient, you can store the shot for one week in the refrigerator.

5. Lemon Alkalines The Body

Lemon is acidic but after consumption, after it passes through digestive processes, then it gets converted to an alkaline compound and this is how it maintains the PH of the body.

Let me tell you how to make alkaline water with lemon take half a pitcher of room temperature water and add a slice of one lemon to it with a pinch of salt, keep yourself hydrated with water, sipping this alkaline water detoxifies the whole body, but always remember to do not overdo it, some acidity is also necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

6. Removal Of Kidney Stone

Intake of lemon water can stop the formation of kidney stones, citrate in lemon combines with calcium, and it blocks the production of stones the best influence on money stones is the intake of lemonade, no other recipe is going to work better than this pure lemonade.

Drink around two glasses of lemonade per day to break the kidney stone, you must be surprised to see so many benefits from that one glass of lemon water, your daily diet should contain lemon water.

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