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I will explain what you need to know about holy ghost school, Have you allowed the holy spirit comes into your life, there are things you need you will do, and you will know that the holy spirit has not come into your life, in the article I will explain everything you need to know about allowing the holy spirit to come into your life.

Personal Relationship With Christ

Dear reader, when man responds to the call of the lord “comes unto me, all ye the labour and heavy laden I will give you rest” (matt: 11:28) and opens up his heart for the lord Jesus to come in, God cleansers and purge him from sin.

He admits him into his bosom with love, it brings him into a close fellowship and sweet communion with the highest God himself. She is a stronghold that denies us of our blessings and favor from God.

But out God is ever merciful he is calling on us, he says come I will wash you clean (Isaiah 1:18). Now that your sins are forgiven, you are made right with God and God want to have a relationship with you. You can develop a personal relationship with Christ by learning directly from him through the covenant time or quite time or holy ghost school.

What Is Holy Ghost School

When you separate yourself from God and allow him to teach and lead you in the way you should go, then you are in the covenant time or holy ghost school it simply means one being led or taught by the holy spirit (Rom 8:14)

Who Is The Teacher In The Holy Ghost School

1st John 2:27 says the anointing is to teach us everything so that we would not need to run about anymore seeking ma to direct us.

Where Is The Holy Ghost School Located

The holy ghost school is located in your own house, it is not a church or fellowship, whenever you separate yourself from God. For him to teach you right there in your room, then you are in the holy ghost school.

The Lord directs and speaks to you in his presence, it is as simple as that, so don’t look for it anywhere outside your place. All you need to do is anywhere outside your place, All you need to do is stop running about seeking miracles, stop being too busy running about your way, all you need to do is to choose a covenant time when you just be in God’s pre.

The convenant time teaches you and directs you the way you should go, so you can begin today.

Purpose Of The Holy Ghost School

  1. It is a disciple program when you allow the holy spirit to direct you, you are a true disciple of Jesus
  2. To identify your purpose in life and fulfill it
  3. To make it to heaven on the last day
  4. It brings us to a close and intimate personal relationship with the Lord Jesus
  5. It makes us follow the will of God, not self will
  6. It is a covenant that breaks every other covenant speaking against your life

The holy ghost school is for those who are truly thirsty for God and for the will of God to be done in their lives, set out a covenant time, a particular time set apart for God, at the same time every day for boy spirit to teach you.

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