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Do you know how to prevent pimples after shaving, most of you don’t know how to prevent pimples after shaving, not don’t worry in this article I will teach you what you will do to prevent pimples when you at done shaving your face.

When you are done shaving your face you will notice that after two days pimples will start growing but don’t worry.

Just take a look if you just finished shaving your face, and you decide to look in the mirror to admire yourself and after 2days you spot a pimple growing j know you will feel sad and annoyed.

Pimples are what many people don’t like to appear on their faces because it irritate them, I also who know the secret to how to prevent pimples after shaving some be happy if I found out people are suffering from it.

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How To Prevent Pimples After Shaving

1 Use Shaving Cream Or Gel

Many people don’t apply shaving cream or gel when shaving, that is one of the reasons pimples grow when you have shaved your face. You will wet your face with warm water and then apply shaving products, note that shaving creams are of different types you can just get good products for yourself.

For best results, choose the one that is suitable for your skin type, for example, if you have sensitive skin or dry you will need to look for a shaving gel or cream that will be good for your skin.

2 Always Wash Your Face

Washing of face is very important and if you are washing your face you need to apply a skin cleanser to wash your face twice a day, it good to wash your face morning and night, the cleanser help to reduce the irritation for people with acne or sensitive skin.

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3 Shave Slowly

Most of you have found the habit of shaving roughly, and you will think shaving roughly is good but you will know that it irritates your skin. There is no need to shave rough, shave slowly. It will be easy to do when you are using an electric razor or a disposable razor that has fresh shape blades.

4 Replace Your Razor

A razor that is a doll can make shaving difficult, it can also increase your chance of ingrown hair, you can use an electric razor or replace disposable blades after shaving.


After you have done reading my article I know you will understand many things here, follow these 4 steps I listed out and you will not notice any pimples again after you have shaved.

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