Why Sonia Uche Is Not Answering Nnebe

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You all know that Sonia Uche is the first child of Uche Nancy, so when Sonia Uche was giving birth she was named Sonia Uche as her surname was Uche which happened to be her grandfather’s name and that was the surname her both parents were answering.

Why Sonia Uche Is Not Answering Nnebe

Sonia Uche answered the name in school and other important places, few years after Sonia’s parents got divorced and Uche Nancy went on to give birth to the other three daughters, instead of them bearing their grandfather’s name was is Uche, the three of the daughter born beared their father’s name that is Nnebe.

Since Sonia Uche has been answering her grandfather’s names in school and other important, she did not think it will be good for her to change her surname since she has answered it in other important places so the bears Uche as her surname.

This means that Sonia is answering her grandfather’s name which is Uche while her siblings are answering her father Nnebe.

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Let’s talk about the relationship between their mother and father, Uche Nancy and Mr. Nnebe’s marital affair started in the 90s, Uche Nancy was 16 years old when she meet her husband in her village in Anambra state, at that age she never knew she will be a popular movie producer that she is today, Uche Nancy was a beauty dark tall girl at that age when she meets her husband, at the age of 16 Mr. Nnebe come into her life. That is why she looks younger with 4 beautiful grown children.

Uche Nancy and Mr. Nnebe are blessed with 4 beautiful children which are Sonia Uche (actress), Ijeoma Nnebe (CEO of Oma world) Chinanu Nnebe (she has a hair extension store) Chinenye Nnebe (an actress) and she is the last born of the family.

Uche Nancy and Mr. Nnebe we’re not able to overcome their marriage issue which leads to their divorce, after they both divorce Uche Nancy has been the one taking care of her 4 daughters which God blessed her with although according to a source reveals that Mr. Nnebe is very much active in the life of his daughters.

Sonia Uche may have bad childhood while growing up because she experienced the divorce of her parent and the drama that comes with it, but it hasn’t taken away her dream of acting.

Sonia Uche got into acting through an audition, she saw the notice on Facebook back then she was at 100 level and was about to write her first-semester exam, so she went for the audition in Abuja, and two weeks later she was invited to play a role in a movie title Complicated.

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  1. The Nnebe family are very very nice family I must say although I haven’t met any of them but I know that from the films they act .I view them as a family that has vision aspiration and dreams and they all worked towards it even when they were ups and downs .I sincerely appreciate dis family and pray for God to continue to give them peace,happiness,joy ,love and long lives .,Amen

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